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TechnoLab Digital Systems INC.,
founded in 1989,  is a highly-developed
technical electronic engineering company.

Los Angeles California USA

Located in the heart of LOS ANGELES,
we are close to the 5, 10, 110 and 405 major freeways.


4620 Pickford Street
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Phone: 323-571-1963
Fax: 323-571-1954

Our main goal is to develop products for different markets that are on the "cutting edge",
which means buying a Technolab product brings the customer closest to the
most current inventions and technologies the world has to offer.


Technolab products are always the newest possible inventions,
and are affordable for the widest customer market.

Los Angeles at night

Hundreds of hours of research, use of the newest and
most exact development tools and the most modern electronic components
guarantee the highest quality and best technology made in the USA.

Our engineering experience includes developing military standard equipment, and
this quality of excellence is now available to you from Technolab.
We are proud to offer you absolute safety and
the highest technological standards in all our products.


Our military-standard product tests guarantee quality and safety.
Our highest goal is to unite this standard of excellence and technology with
the most user-friendly products possible.


Many well-established companies have utilized
the qualified influence of  Technolab engineers
to reach their development goals and get solutions for new products.

To purchase Technolab products, and for development news and technological information,
or if  you wish to contact us about our contractor services
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