Dual Directional Coupler DX1 - 1MHz - 200MHz

The coupling unit used in DX1 is very efective and requires no adjustment. It provides predictable coupling loss and very high directivity. Power flowing from J1 to J2 is sampled by the transformers so that it adds in phase at J3 and cancels at J4. Power flowing from J2 to J1 behaves identically, but in this case adds in phase at J4 and cancels at J3.


The DX1 is very useful tool for the RF development, for example: to improve antennas, amplifiers, or other transmission lines. The DX1 separates the power flowing in each direction on a transmission line. By measuring the power at each connector, an accurate measurement of forward and reflected power can be made. This is very useful when matching an antenna, the input to an amplifier, or other devices. (SWR bridges and power meters use a similar coupler, often with inferior performance, driving a simple diode detector.)

An ordinary oscilloscope may be connected to the forward power connector and used as a monitor scope. When used with a spectrum analyzer, the DX1 can be used at either port to observe the transmitted spectrum. If a sweeper is substituted for the transmitter, then swept-frequency measurements can be made.

DX1 is a dual directional coupler that provides high directivity. It can be used to sample a transmitter's forward and reflected power output.

The DX1 is built and tested by TECHNO LAB USA


Frequency Range 1 MHz to 200 MHz
Coupling loss 20 dB (29.8) +/- 0.25 dB
Directivity 30 dB typical
Power Rating 30 dB coupler, 250 watts

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