FM TruMatch RX1 High Grade Receiver Antenna

The Tru Match RX1 antenna is a long-range antenna designed for demanding FM listeners.

Mounted indoors or outdoors in almost any location, the Tru Match RX1 antenna will deliver remarkable reception and easy installation.

The Tru Match RX1 antenna can be mounted indoors or outdoors,
on a rooftop or the side of your house, upstairs in the attic,
or on the wall above your audio components it's as versatile as it is powerful.

For optimum performance, the Tru Match RX1 should be mounted vertically.

Key Features:

The Tru Match RX1 has an VSWR of under 1.5 throughout the entire FM band

Extremely rugged for years of performance

F style connector

warranty: 2 years

This unit amplifies and receives FM signals only (Not AM).

The antenna is made with a co-polymer and resistant to weathering.

The antenna is an off-white color.

Operating Bandwidth: 88 MHz to 108 MHz

Input Impedance: 75 Ohms

This antenna may be mounted either inside the house or outside

Made in the USA

The item is new from running manufacturing

The Tru Match RX1 was tested with the equipment shown in the last picture.

$ 79.95 + $ 20.00 shipping
for all US regions

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