FM Stereo Transmitter XM SAT Rebroadcast System

With this XM satellite rebroadcast system you can receive your satellite radio

in every room of the house with any usual FM radio

The Ramsey 100 B transmitter will rebroadcast your favorite music channels to any room, into the yard, the garage or guest house

Or think about transmitting all over your workplace so that everyone can listen

Or what about using it in the gym, on the golf course, at any location where people want to share great music

You will have your own little house radio station that everyone can enjoy

This system will come with everything you need to get the station started:

Ramsey FM 100 B transmitter with manual

XM radio fully activated with 110 satellite radio stations ready to go

The system is even activated IN YOUR NAME and prepaid for one month

Every additional month you will be charged $ 9.99
with the option to cancel the connection at any time

Still you would have some free channels to listen to without being charged at all!

Also you receive all adapter cables you need to connect the XM radio to the transmitter

Included is of course the satellite antenna

The transmitter comes with a telescopic antenna that will make sure your home and yard are covered

The system does not require ANY installation or phone call on your side (because that's what we do after you purchased the system, the setup is on us!)

Just plug and play, ready to go the minute you unpack

The FM 100 B transmitter features:

Synthesized 88 to 108 MHz for no frequency drift!

Professional sound quality

Microprocessor controlled for easy frequency selection

A truly professional frequency synthesized radio transmitter station in one easy to use, handsome cabinet

The transmit frequency is easily selected with the Up/Down frequency buttons and the big LED frequency display

Input low pass filtering that gives great sound no matter what the source

Peak limiters for maximum ‘punch‘ in your audio - without over modulation distortion

LED bar graph level meters for easy setting of audio levels

Built-in mixer with both microphone and line level inputs

Built-in antenna and 110 volt AC power supply


Transmitter: 9.5 x 6 x 4 inches

XM radio: 5 x 3 x 1 inch

All units are brand new and come with user manuals and one year warranty

The system was tested and tuned for best performance with the shown equipment

For information about FM transmission inside the US please visit the FCC's web site at (a new window will open)

$ 578.00 + $ 25.00 shipping
for all US regions

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