Amplifier Power LAN Package for Linksys 802.11b

Due to technological advances, this item has been discontinued.

This is a package to set up a complete WLAN power station in minutes.

It comes with everything you need, even the screws to mount the antenna bracket are included.

Every single cable to do the setup is included and described in a step by step guide so that successful installation is guaranteed.

The whole system is manufactured and tested from Techno Lab INC USA in Los Angeles.

Technical support is provided by Techno Lab by phone and e mail for free.

This amplifier will boost your transmitting signal from around 30 mW to powerful 1200 mW (1.2 watt)

This system is built for users who need a long distance and the full speed of data transfer (bandwidth).

The package includes:

The 1.2 watt amplifier

The power supply for the amplifier

Omni directional antenna 8.5 dBi

Mounting kit for the antenna incl. screws

Rubber sleeve for protection of the antenna connection in outside environment

Even coax seal is included for the same reason

10 feet antenna cable LMR 240 (or equivalent) low loss from the amplifier to the antenna

Connection cable from your Linksys to the amplifier (1 foot)

Linksys access point pictured is not included

Sorry, but due to technological advances, this product has been discontinued.

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