FM 100 CX Transmitter Antenna

Our FM transmitter antenna "FM 100 CX" is based on a D-Pole design which is tuned to the FM frequencies 88 MHz to 110 MHz.

No tuning by the user is required.

The impedance match is handled by a special balun designed by Techno Lab INC. and is hand made in the USA

This balun is even able to handle 200 watt p-p (peak power)

Countless hours of engineering work and final test driving has been invested to make this fine piece of equipment.

The special aerodynamic design reduces the wind load so that even in harsh weather areas your antenna will be more stable than other designs

100% waterproof, this antenna can survive in any weather

Made completely out of no rust material, this design will have a much longer life cycle than metal antennas.

It is also much safer to have up to 100 watts handled by an antenna that does not contain metal parts in the outside to maintain safety standards

The FM 100 CX comes fully assembled.

Delivered with a professional high grade N female panel mount connector that will not come apart even under the hardest movements of your antenna cable, this antenna can quickly become an extra backup security factor for expensive FM transmitters and amplifiers.

This antenna is NEMA 4 tested and sealed in every joint so that it is extraordinarily stable.

Technical data:

Continous power up to 100 watts

Frequency range: 88 MHz to 110 MHz

VSWR: less than 1.32

radiation pattern: 360 degree

Impedance: 50 Ohm

dimensions: 63 x 13 x 2 IN

weight: 4 lb.

The antenna comes with instructional user manual, and for best performance should be used with antenna cable LMR 240 or LMR 400.

(cable not included in price, but separate item available here)

Warranty: 2 years by Techno Lab INC Los Angeles

This antenna is manufactured by Techno Lab INC Los Angeles

$ 198.00 + $ 25.00 shipping
for all US regions

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