NanoFM Instant Messager

This combo pack is loaded with all you need for instantly transmitting in the FM radio band.

The transmitter "NanoFM" with included rubber duck antenna and power supply
is fed by a 64 Mb memory player that can deliver either a pre-recorded radio program, or repeat the same information 24 hrs a day.

The recording time can be extended with the use of additional memory cards.

This setup is excellent in real estate sales - for drive by "talking house" information, or for restaurants or other businesses that want to advertise their products to their customers.

Your radio program or the messages can be pre-recorded and edited on the computer and loaded to the Instant Messager using the included USB cable and memory card.

File formats supported are MP3 or Windows Media format.

For radio programs you can even design your own play-list.

We include a set of ear phones so you can preview your recordings.

Once your message is recorded and loaded you just place the transmitter-messager combo into the home for sale, or business, and advise customers driving by to tune in on their car radio!

If no power is available the instant messager can run for 30 hours with a tiny AAA battery.

Without a power outlet, the Nano FM transmitter can run on a 12 V battery, if desired.

This combination is perfect for real estate, clubs, schools, gyms, churches,
restaurants, car washes, doctor's offices and just everyone who needs to tell important things to their clients.

Especially in this "no time" age, customers don't even have to leave their car and can still be informed about offers, prices, specialties or changes in the particular business.

This combo will pay for itself in the first week you are using it

Included in the combo are:

FM transmitter Nano FM with rubber duck antenna and power supply

Instant Messager player with repeater function

Ear phones and USB cable for the instant player

Editing software for the Instant Messager to pre-record your messages on the computer

The devices were tested with the equipment shown in the last picture

For legal questions regarding broadcasting, please visit

$ 298.00 + $ 15.50 shipping
for all US regions

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