NanoFM - Stereo FM Transmitter - PLL Synthesized

The Nano FM is a PLL synthesizer based FM stereo transmitter unit.

This means no frequency drift and a rock solid stable transmitting frequency for all your projects

The Nano FM is controlled with a RISC Microcontroller

The metal housing is used for perfect shielding from outside noise influences

The 3 digit 7 segment display of the Nano FM allows you to view the transmitting frequency easily

To change the transmitting frequency just use the up and down buttons and change the frequency
to any value you like between 87.5 and 98.50 MHz (changes possible in 100 Hz steps)

The last picture shows the Nano FM operating on 90.00 MHz
measured with an HP spectrum analyzer

Odd and even frequencies are supported so that the Nano FM can be used in the US all other parts of the world

The last adjusted transmit frequency will be stored in memory, so the unit comes back with that frequency after power down or after turning the unit off.

The Nano FM comes with a high quality power supply with integrated solid ferrite bead sleeve
for best EMI suppression

The Nano FM comes with a rubber duck antenna with a BNC connector, you can also connect any other FM antenna for more range (see our Tru Match antenna).

The Nano FM comes with two adapter cables:

1. RCA male /RCA male to connect your CD player or mixing console

2. RCA male to 3.5 mm to connect a portable CD player or computer sound card

We included all this to make it easy and fast for you to go on the air without having to search for any necessary utilities

Use the Nano FM for school- church- or club radio

For announcements in your community

In a drive through (also ideal for real-estater to present homes)

Eliminate cables on race tracks and other events by transmitting to your loud speakers

You will find endless possibilities to use this unit

Each unit is tested with spectrum analyzers and generators for best performance

1 year warranty by Techno Lab INC Los Angeles

Free customer support by phone and e- mail: Tell us your project and we give you advice

Technical data:

Frequency range: 87.5 MHz to 98.5 MHz (in 100 Hz steps)

RF section PLL controlled

Input sensitivity (audio) : 0.775 V = 0 dB

Input impedance: 47 K Ohm

RF output connector: BNC female

Audio inputs: RCA female (and additional adapter)

Dimensions: 4 x 1.7 x 1 in

$ 159.95 + $ 12.50 shipping
for all US regions

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