Log Periodic Yagi antenna - Laser guided 2.4

This antenna is built for professional use and will help you to point this Log periodic Yagi antenna
on the degree exact.

The built in laser can be pointed up to 1000 feet away
and will show you the "hit point"
where your antenna is aimed.

No more guessing where to point, you see your goal point, adjust the laser and be sure your antenna
is pointed the way you intend to

This can be the answer to adjusting your antenna especially on longer distances

The antenna and the laser are mounted on a convenient tripod that shows you in 2 degree steps at the time a 180 degree circle that will help you to adjust your antenna if you don't want to go by what the laser shows you

The laser is attached to the tripod with a magnet for easy removal.

The antenna itself is made of resistible PCB board material, no miss- adjustments of the Yagi elements possible

Technical data of the antenna:

Gain: 12 dBi, directional

Size: only 2 1/4 x 3 inches

Connector: SMA female on board

We have pigtails available for any wireless device or PCMCIA card on the market, in the "CABLES" section of our online store.

The antenna was tested with the equipment shown

One Year full warranty by Techno Lab INC Los Angeles

Included in this package are the antenna, the tripod, and the laser gun adjuster.

$ 89.95 + $ 8.50 shipping
for all US regions

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