2.4 GHz Omni Star Antenna for outside mount

This new antenna "Omni Star" is our high performance design for outside mount

It is based on a patented feed horn developed by Techno Lab INC and includes Techno Lab's multi array design

Goal for the design of the Omni Star was to get maximum performance plus

stability and ruggedness for any climate

and any weather condition

Thanks to the new Techno Lab mounting holder that mounts with only four screws

in seconds this antenna is not only mounted fast but also mounted for good even

under strong winds. This design was developed for professional installers to save
time and money.

Also included is a red protection cap to cover the antenna connector in case the cable is removed and a pack of coax seal to protect the area where your antenna is connected to the antenna cable for waterproof cable connection


2.4 GHz ISM Band outside for harsh environment

802.11 b and 802.11 g wireless systems

Point to Multi-point systems

Base station antenna

Wireless broadband systems

WiFi access points


Gain: 12 dBi

Horizontal Beam width: 360 degree

Vertical Beam width: 7 degree

Impedance: 50 Ohm

Input Power: 50 watt

Pole Diameter: 1'

Connector: High pofessional grade N female connector

Operating Temperature: -40 to + 70 Deg C

Rated Wind Velocity: 135 mph (65 M/sec)

SWR: 1.25: 1 average Frequency range: 2.412 to 2.484 GHz

Covers US and all international standards

Channel: Channel 1 - Channel 14

Length: 47 '

Width: 13'

Weight: 1.5 lb

3 years full replacement warranty

NEMA 4 tested

The Omni Star was tested with the equipment shown

Package contains:

Omni Star antenna

Mounting brackets with screws

Coax Seal

Protection cap

$ 99.95 + $ 15.50 shipping
for all US regions

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