XLOGEN - Professional FM Broadcast Amplifier - 150 Watt

This 150 watt professional broadcast FM amplifier manufactured by Techno Lab INC covers the entire FM band from 88 to 108 MHz

It is a broadband, no tune amplifier, which means there is no adjusting necessary if you change the transmitting frequency

The flatness over the whole band is 1 dB

The XLOGEN has a standard 19 inch aluminum anodized quality housing and an integrated 150 watt continuous power supply.

An integrated high quality diecast fan will keep your amplifier cool even when running 24/7.

The cutting edge technology low heat emission design makes this amplifier the "cool runner".

Technical data:

Output power : 150 watt continuos

Input sensitivity: 600 mW to 1 watt

Harmonic output: - 62 dBc

Spurious output -83 dBc

6 pole low pass filter

Input voltage: 90 V to 270 VAC

Input voltage is self detected from the power supply so there is no adjustment necessary if it is used in 110 V or 220 V countries

In and output connectors: N female, high grade quality

Every unit went through a 48 hr. burn in test with full power on dummy load

1 year warranty by Techno Lab INC

Free technical assistance at Techno Lab INC, 323- 571- 1963 or info@technolab-inc.com

This unit can be used in the US only by licensed users or organizations
(LPFM permission or construction permit)


For questions, please call us at 323-571-1963
or visit the FCC's website at www.FCC.gov (a new window will open)

For transmitting range table please visit "Tech Talk" (a new page will open)

$ 1498.00 + $ 38.00 shipping
for all US regions

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