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2.4 GHz Signal Attenuation

Or...  Location, location, location!
Using the antenna for a free sight 'point to point' connection:

Optimal results will be obtained using antenna at both sides (access point and client), with line of sight.
Sensibility to reflections:

Rotating radio waves are reversed in rotating direction after reflection by buildings, etc.  As WLAN is sensitive for delay spread that could be caused by reflections, a helix antenna is the best choice for moderate point to point connections.
Through walls and floors:

Attenuation is roughly estimated to 6 dB through ordinary walls; concrete floors do 10 to 30 dB.  At this rate, you will soon be 'out of range' between building floors.

2.4 GHz Signal Attenuation Chart

Window, Brick Wall 2 dB
Metal Frame Glass Wall Into Building 6 dB
Office Wall 6 dB
Metal Door In Office Wall 6 dB
Cinderblock Wall 4 dB
Metal Door In Brick Wall 12.4 dB
Brick Wall Next To Metal Door 3 dB

Path Loss Signal Attenuation Graph



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